Letting communities use data as a force for good

We allow individuals to tell a story about themselves, their area, their connections and what and where means most to them. 

AKOU lets local people collect and combine new kinds of data that tell intelligent stories about their local places and spaces.

Instead of being an invisible commodity that is hard to access AKOU makes data a visible resource that everyone can make more effective use of.

Individuals that use AKOU can choose how their data is used and shared with developers and councils. This helps to give AKOU’s clients insight and a real understanding of local communities.

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The Benefits of using AKOU

There are a number of benefits for our clients and users, our top five are:

  • Both AKOU’s clients and users benefit
  • Users (the community) inform decision making and get rewarded for doing so
  • Clients can work with more accurate information
  • Data provide ensures smarter spending – improving local products and offerings for the community and beyond
  • Our data and insights help clients to create more desirable and emotionally intelligent places

The AKOU team

We Are Divergent

Our team is diverse and unconventional. From photojournalism and publishing, to architecture and digital anthropology – our multilayered team spirit allows us to push each other out of our comfort zones and open our eyes to new ideas.

Not Your Typical Data Analysts

Due to our communications-based backgrounds, our team understand the art of information gathering and storytelling. We ask the right questions, we experiment with unique ways of analysing and communicating information and we understand the true value of human-centred design.

Collaborators at Heart

We practise what we preach. Collaboration is at the heart of everything we do.

Alex Pielak

Co-founder & Head of Design and Product Development

Alex is the link between product ideation and build - translating team, client and user need into features and functionality.
Tilley Harris

Co-founder & Head of Business Development

One of Tilley’s strongest attributes is her ability to communicate with people from all walks of life. Tilley understands deeply both client and community needs and has a 360 degree view of the industry.
Alex Dollery

Head of Engineering

A self taught full stack software developer, Alex has been working in the tech startups as a developer and entrepreneur since 2004. He has designed and developed the AKOU system architecture.
Maya Hope Chaldecott

Experience and Product Development

A Digital Anthropology and History of Art background gives Maya unique tools for understanding how groups of people use tech.
Sophia Awan

Business Operations and Finance

Leading Business Operations and Finance Sophia is highly driven and has a razor sharp eye for ensuring AKOU's business operations and finances are in impeccable order.
Chuck Omo

Experience Design

Chuky applies his outside-the-box thinking to everything he does, making the user journeys across our platforms an authentic and memorable experience.

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