About AKOU

AKOU offers a space where everyone can come together.

We have developed a way to capture the invisible transactions happening between people and translate this into data that tells the unique story of a local area.

Working closely with local authorities, developers and communities, AKOU helps shape future developments into impactful products by demonstrating where demand, desirability and need lies. Through our uniquite facilitating process we demonstrate that, when done correctly, everyone can benefit from redevelopment plans.

The Benefits of using AKOU

Greater knowledge about a network, its relationships and its constituent parts helps to better understand the inner workings of a community – its strengths, its shortcomings and its needs. Regeneration opportunities can and should deliver broader social and environmental results that benefit the entirety of a community. Which is why councils and developers are now striving to demonstrate the social and economic benefits of their developments.

People who live and work in an area have a wealth of insights to lend to the success of redevelopment programmes. The knowledge gained by using AKOU services can be utilised to place existing communities at the heart of regeneration plans while also inform smarter spending. Our tool facilitates transparency and accessibility of information. As such, it is able to strengthen relationships between all members of a community, including councils, housing associations and developers. We bring people and information together to create the spaces and places of the future.

The AKOU team

We Are Divergent

Our team is diverse and unconventional. From photojournalism and publishing, to architecture and digital anthropology – our multilayered team spirit allows us to push each other out of our comfort zones and open our eyes to new ideas.

Not Your Typical Data Analysts

Due to our communications-based backgrounds, our team understand the art of information gathering and storytelling. We ask the right questions, we experiment with unique ways of analysing and communicating information and we understand the true value of human-centred design.

Collaborators at Heart

We practise what we preach. Collaboration is at the heart of everything we do.

Alex Pielak

Co-founder & Head of Design and Product Development

Tilley Harris

Co-founder & People Person

Alex Dollery

Head of Engineering

Valentina Egoavil Medina

Head of Communications

Chuck Omo

Experience Design

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