Clapton Tram Depot Consultation

Giving the community an active role in the consultation process

Building bridges between community and developer

The AKOU team worked closely with SUSD and Upper Clapton Developers to gather local opinions on the new plans for the Old Tram Depot site in Hackney.

The 200-year-old site was due to provide a number of new private homes alongside new public and commercial spaces.

The Tram Depot development has been a contentious issue between developers and the community for over 15 years, with the community fighting hard to stop the development of the building. AKOU was asked to facilitate mediation and offer a smoother way of communication between all parties.

Our unique consultation process enabled us to create a bespoke platform that allowed local businesses and organisations to map and measure the creative and cultural capital they generated and the social impact this had on the wider community.


AKOU offered the community a platform both on and offline, to have their say on how they felt the new commercial spaces could be utilised in relation to actual local need and priority.

Through this platform, they were also able to address issues such as entrances to new cars parks and proposed heights of the new buildings.

As such, the Mapify Upper Clapton project gave the local community a chance to play an active part in the discussion around the redevelopment of the Tram Depot site. Ultimately shaping aspects of the design to better suit the community’s need while retaining the developer’s remit.

AKOU’s platform helped to address challenges and concerns between all parties and rebuilt community confidence and trust in the planning process and the developer.







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