Drivers for Change

Measuring the social impact of a entrepreneurial community

Mapping Social Capital during the DfC journey

In summer 2018 the first Drivers for Change programme took over 80 young changemakers on an 11 day journey around the UK. Visiting 8 cities from Edinburgh to London, they met with inspiring role models and leaders, saw innovative projects, and places in the midst of transformation. The programme guided and encouraged the participants to exchange ideas and skills over the course of the journey, supporting each other to fulfil their potential and become a network of dynamic and diverse drivers for change.

AKOU was invited to be one of their digital partners, providing both the DfC team and the participants with a platform that could track the growth and development of each individual, the connections they made and the influence they had on others.

The AKOU team worked with the DfC team and PricewaterhouseCoopers’ (PwC) Social Impact team to determine what they would like to measure. Alongside the customisable surveys the tool offered, there were features that allowed each individual participant to track the relationships they built and the value that these connections added to their personal and professional development. We provided them with real-time insights during the trip and delivered afterwards an in depth Impact Report with all the collected findings and sights gathered by the AKOU app and team during and after the journey.




Network Mapping
Impact Measurement