Understanding Birmingham and Leicester

Gaining insights into future communities

Getting under the skin of Birmingham and Leicester

AKOU collaborated with Conductor to produce a set of insight reports focusing on the rental markets in Birmingham and Leicester. Similar to AKOU’s work on the Coworking landscape in London, we explored the different tribes in these cities. We studied what was important to them regarding living, leisure and work, and explored what made them feel at home in their cities.

Our insights were produced from both on and offline research. The AKOU team carried out on the ground research and interviews with an array of locals, from residents, to students and local business owners. Studies were carried out into the local social media landscape to understand the conversations and trends at play in the two cities.


The findings of this work were used to give our client a better understanding of their target market – leading to a clearer profile of their customers. AKOU’s findings have also helped the client to validate their offering to investors and key project stakeholders.




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Insights & research
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