Mapping Park Royal's businesses

Helping to understand the current business landscape in London's largest industrial estate

Since summer 2018 AKOU has been working with Old Oak and Park Royal Development Corporation (OPDC), offering engagement assistance and providing a bespoke AKOU engagement database. Old Oak and Park Royal will be the only place in the country where HS2 meets Crossrail and is currently the largest regeneration scheme in the UK. Spreading across 650 hectares and three boroughs, the OPDC team have a monumental task ahead as they utilise this opportunity to create a thriving new area in the city.

Up-to-date insights

OPDC needed a way to engage with and better understand the businesses that operate in Park Royal, one of the UK’s largest industrial estates. Together the AKOU and OPDC engagement teams mapped the existing businesses using AKOU’s engagement platform (potentially undertaking one of the largest live digital mapping exercises by a local authority in London). Business data and engagement survey data was collected over the course of a month. Giving OPDC an up-to-date picture of the area they are serving and improving, as well as understanding the most pressing concerns and issues faced by businesses in Park Royal.

The information gathered at this stage of the project will help to inform the initiatives that OPDC will look to undertake with the business community as well as help track the process of the development scheme in years to come.

A live engagement dataset

The first release of our platform launched at the beginning of October 2018. We provided OPDC with 15 survey specialists from the AKOU team, who accompanied OPDC whilst they spent a month venturing out into one of the UK’s largest business and light industrial parks. AKOU oversaw much of the project management and logistical planning of this initiative, as well as providing tech support to all involved. Once the surveying period ended, we prepared, analysed and visualised all the data captured and presented the findings to the entire OPDC body. Following this AKOU will continue to work alongside OPDC throughout 2019 to support them using the platform to better guide engagement with their business community.




Provision of engagement platform
Data collection
Data and insight analysis